Pay with RewardPay

Only with RewardPay can you use your Amex to make business payments to the IRD and ACC in New Zealand.

RewardPay and American Express have teamed up to allow you to pay the IRD and ACC on your Amex and earn points and manage cashflow

Here's how it works

Create a free account, select IRD or ACC for payment, enter amount to pay and card to use
RewardPay process your payment quickly and securely.
IRD and ACC are paid by direct credit payment and you receive your Amex points.

Why use RewardPay


Cash Flow

Take advantage of up to 50+ additional cash flow days for your business.



Pay your Tax and ACC with your Amex


Use your Amex for more business spend and maximise your points with RewardPay’s low pricing.

Single payment amount Rate % After Tax Rate*
IRD 1.67% 1.20%
ACC 1.99% 1.43%

*Assumes tax rate of 28%.
Please consult your accountant for tax advice.